4 Must-Read Books to Understand Poverty

10/23/2020 in Category Articles

It is the mission of Spokane YFC to break the cycle of poverty in youths living in under-resourced neighborhoods by giving them the tools needed to live a transformed life. A big part of this... More

September 2020 Impact Report | Spokane YFC

10/15/2020 in Category Impact Report

September was a big month for us as we launched the Safe Learning Center, our women's ministry, Girls' Night Out, and hired 10 new apprentices. We also had six mountain bikes donated to YFC,... More

FAQ - What Does the Term “Indigenous Leaders” Mean?

9/23/2020 in Category FAQs

 A large part of our mission at Spokane Youth for Christ is to see a long-lasting, positive change in communities by raising indigenous leaders. 

That sounds nice. However, if you are like... More

Sully’s Story | Spokane Youth for Christ

8/26/2020 in Category /uploads/default/Yazmines_Story.jpg Stories of Impact

Sully is a creative and compassionate young man who dreams of big things. He is one of our indigenous leaders who is serving in the West Central neighborhood. 

He is the guy everyone knows... More