December 1st // Jeff Ross

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forcibly separated into two or more pieces, fractured,  shattered.

        Over the last 11 months, we have been preparing to launch our new YFC location right in the heart of Downtown Spokane. Last night was our big kickoff! It was a power packed night on many levels. Lots of kids showed up. I was so stoked!

The day was incredible, and yet at the same time, I found myself absolutely broken and completely undone. In fact, tears stream down my face right now as I write this, still a mess thinking back on an encounter I had with two girls who have never been to YFC before. They stepped outside of the event, briefly, and I began to get to know them.

Out of the blue, one of the girls said she “feels like an unwanted dog!" She continued on to say that nobody wants her. As she spoke those words, I found my own heart broken, shattered, and fractured. With tears mounting up in my eyes, I did everything I could to try and keep my composure and not completely break down! She shared how she is an unwanted foster kid and could be leaving for a new place as soon as tomorrow. She was such an amazing person, which I witnessed as she bravely got up in front of everyone to participate in a dance-off on stage, and was later invited up to freestyle rap. Her personality shined the rest of the evening. 

While she expressed how she feels unwanted her friend hugged her and held her, and began sharing her story too; how her mom was on meth and didn't want her, how this girl was popping pills and overdosing, and how she couldn't live with her grandparents because they abused her.

Both these girls live in temporary foster care, bouncing from home to home with no real family, with no real love, unwanted and abandoned, yet these are such sweet girls. This is the story of so many of the kids what we love on and work with at YFC!

After they shared their stories, I looked them both straight in the eyes and told them that “this is why I do what I do, because of awesome young people like you.” I may never see either one of these girls again just due to the circumstances of life that they both are in, with always moving around. We get the absolute privilege of coming alongside kids with such broken stories, but often times I find myself with a broken and fractured heart. It’s a constant reminder for me that being on staff with YFC is worth it all!

We get the chance, through relationships, to mend what’s torn. To fill in the broken pieces with the Love of God. Charlie and I have a new motto Downtown. “Listen well and love relentlessly!"

Jeff Ross

City Life Director / Downtown & Northside

[email protected]


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