June 1st // Matt Bergman

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In today's age of instant gratification it's sometimes hard to learn to love the journey it takes to get somewhere. Working at Youth For Christ I see so many different faces walk through our Youth Center or the school I hang out at on a weekly basis. Some I’m only able to be a friendly face for, others I get to know by name, and a few I have the pleasure of learning more about who they are! All these things are great, but being able to get to know a kid well and creating an authentic relationship is my favorite. The more I get to know these kids the more I see their hidden talents and their unlocked potential. I see them start to break out of their shell, attitudes begin changing, and asking questions about this guy Jesus who I talk about every week, then BOOM. . . something shifts. They tuck back into the shell I thought they broke out of, their attitude is poor, and they seem to not care about Jesus at all. When this shift happens I go home thinking, is this really making a difference in these kids lives? Recently, I feel like I got the answer to that question.

Have you ever had a person in your life who you see on a regular basis lose a bunch of weight? If you see them often the change isn't as shocking as it would be to someone who sees them every once in awhile. You’re there to watch them through the struggle, and you see the steps that they had to take to get to where they’re at.

There are two students who I've known since they were in the 5th grade and are now Sophomores in High School. I see them 3 to 4 times a week at various YFC events, and have their help running a Middle School program every Tuesday during the school year. They are a pleasure to have around and it's amazing to hear them talk about how much Jesus has turned their life around.

This school year, the two students starting coming with me to their old Middle School to hang out with kids at lunch. After a month or so of them coming to lunch with me, a teacher approached the students and I to say hello. After catching up with the students the teacher pulls me aside. He says, “Thank you for being here, and what you guys (YFC) do for our kids. When they first started coming to lunch with you I thought they were faking their smiles. These two were always getting into trouble and trying to fight, I thought there is no way this change is real. But the more I see them here, I realize it is for real.”

You see, this teacher wasn't a part of the last few years of these student’s journey like YFC and I have been. The change he saw was drastic, and the change I see is the gradual result of years of struggle through ups and downs. Looking back, there was more than one time that I’d go home questioning myself and the work I was doing because of these two students, but now I rave about them and how God has radically changed their lives. The more I think about it the more I love the journey the kids at YFC are on. Every journey starts out at a different point, and some are dealt a harder hand, but through the ups and downs we face I know the Holy Spirit is at work in the midst of it all! Do I believe that we are making a difference in these kids life despite some of the blow ups we face with our hurting kids? You better believe it!


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