March 1st // Charlie Bufford

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As I sit here to out type a few lines,
I write, delete and repeat. For weeks I was certain that I was going
to write on salt and the powerful ways that it draws out
infection, and how this is what we as Christians are to be in our
communities. It was going to be powerful stuff I assure you!

Earlier today my mind began to settle on writing about
parenting the orphaned generation in the church. On this
topic, I could write without end and even now
I fight the strong urge to do so.

But as I sit here typing, eyes tired for a lack of sleep
I can’t help but recall the glorious events of the day.

“Write about looking out the window,” my fearless leader,
Jeff Ross, says to me with a smile of hope and victory upon
his face. So that’s what I shall do.


He was lost and broken. In a time past he had surrendered
his heart to anger to avoid being hurt again. He wore the mark
of promise and beautiful potential that few could see— and how
could it be possible for one to see promise and beauty within themselves
when they have been ravished by the darkness and lies?

He was the first kid in an initiative for new hope for teens in the
Foster Care system, and we were going to change his life.

Despite doing our best, with all we had to offer, we failed. Were we
humbled? Yes! Add crushed, questioning, insecure and
guilty to that list as well.

This failure had haunted us and seemed to follow us through
this past year. Could there be victory since we have failed
this one so? Could we redeem it somehow?

We offered him Jesus. He cursed his named wanted
nothing to do with God.

We trusted in God’s power. We spoke healing over this young man
and it was so. Yeah, it freaked him out. He was glad he
wasn’t in pain anymore, but still he wanted nothing to do
with the Father that had just helped him. And yet we loved him.
O, we loved him so.

Despite it all we had to watch him go, and with him went the
hope we had for him. I guess deep within our hearts, in that
place of foolishness we acted as though we were
his final hope and without us he would be lost forever.
As if we had not convinced God to love him.

Fast forward to today, a cold snowy day. Opening the windows
to our temporary office watching the kids stream by as
they get out of school. I see a Washington Red Skins jersey
and I instantly think of him.

To the joy of my heart it is him. I frighten him, almost
hitting him with the door as I run out to catch him. We sit
and we talk. He had recently said yes to Jesus. His heart was
soft and open as he shared.

Maybe our role in his story was that we planted a seed of hope,
maybe we did a bit of watering. I am not sure which.
What I am certain of is that God is indeed the one
helping this young man grow.

I guess whether we see the fruit of our ministry or not,
it is worth it to love, and love with a
1 Corinthinans 13 type of love—unconditionally.
I am grateful today to look out the window in a season where seemingly
nothing grows and see the fruit of our King,
waiting for the season to change
on the corner of Third and Howard.



Charlie Bufford

CityLife Intern

[email protected]

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