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God’s story is in the Bible. It is a story of the creation, the fall, and of redemption. God’s story is one of provision and great love. And, it is a story that intertwines into each one of our stories. 

Yazmine’s story is powerful and just beginning. Her story is one that is ultimately moving towards an understanding of God’s great love for her. Yazmine is a 14-year-old, a sophomore at Lewis and Clark High School, and a part of Spokane YFC. 

Yazmine’s story, like many of the youth, we have the privilege of partnering with, is messy, hard, and full of unfair obstacles. Yazmine doesn’t know her father and has been in and out of temporary housing. However, she is also is a resilient young woman. She started attending YFC when she was in 7th grade at our Hillyard center. She is incredibly kind and sweet, but very shy and timid. 

Around the time Yazmine began attending YFC, she lived with a friend of her mom’s, as her mother was unable to care for her due to her addiction to drugs. This environment was overcrowded with kids, unsafe, and mentally and emotionally abusive. 

Despite these hardships, Yazmine has advocated for herself time and time again. She checked herself into the hospital for cutting herself as an 8th grader. She told a school counselor about her mom and the toxic living arrangement. After she was reunited with her mom—who had taken steps to get clean and get her kids back—she again advocated for herself when her mother went back to prioritizing her addictions over her children.

CPS separated Yazmine from her mother and moved her to a home for troubled teenagers. During this transition, Yazmine learned that she wouldn’t be allowed to keep her dog. 

Yazmine took her dog for a walk in Downtown Spokane trying to figure out how to resolve her conflict. As she walked, she met a woman named Angelia. They began talking and share their stories. The woman offered to take her dog for the night. 

When Yazmine returned for her dog the next day, Angelia suggested that Yazmine live with her for a while. Angelia then contacted CPS and asked to house Yazmine to create a stable, safe, and loving environment for Yazmine. 

While this woman does not have a Christian background, she encourages Yazmine’s involvement with YFC and the church that Yazmine has been attending. With this change in stability and safety, Yazmine is beginning to thrive. She is passing all of her classes, she is on the volleyball team at LC, and she is happier and healthier. 

While this world is a broken place, filled with sin, hardships, and heartbreak, God has continued to weave himself into Yazmine’s story. He has provided adults who hear Yazmine as she advocates for herself. He’s provided loving relationships through leaders at YFC. Finally, He’s provided a home—a safe place for Yazmine to live that encourages her faith journey. And the best part, God’s not done with Yazmine’s story. 

“...being confident of this, that he who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus.” Philippians 1:6

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